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                     Join Us!

If you share our passion for ending homelessness, we invite you to join us in our mission to end homelessness. Whether you are an individual looking to make a difference, a business looking to give back to the community, or a nonprofit organization looking to partner with us, there are many ways to get involved. You can join one or more levels of membership including:  

  1. Homeless To Housed Task Force (HTH): The CoC holds 3-4 HTH membership meetings a year. Membership is made up of homeless and mainstream providers and community partners interested in furthering the CoC mission of preventing and ending homelessness. Members are also invited to participate at the board or committee level, but are not required to do so. 

  2. Board of Directors: The board is made up of both elected and appointed members and meets on a monthly basis. 

  3. Committees: The CoC structure includes a regional committees who support the goal of preventing and ending homelessness. If interested in joining one or more committees, please complete the membership link below or contact the CoC Coordinator for more information. 



Why should I participate in the CoC?

  • The CoC is a regional evaluation and planning process. Broad participation is needed to provide input on the creation, implementation and evaluation of the plan.

  • Peers in your Continuum of Care can help your organization develop more effective ways to serve consumers by sharing information and experiences.

  • Planning as a Continuum of Care helps avoid duplication of efforts within a community and makes service providers more efficient.

  • Being involved in your Continuum of Care permits you to keep appraised of important information including; funding opportunities, partner updates, state plans and priorities, training's, regional trends, etc.

  • Being involved in your Continuum of Care allows your voice to be heard on policies, funding, and service needs of persons who are experiencing homelessness in your communities.

  • An effective Continuum of Care makes a community more competitive for HUD Homeless Assistance grants.

  • A Continuum of Care can create a critical mass of political will to end homelessness.

  • Together we really can do more!

 Membership is open to anyone who is interested in furthering the West Central CoC mission and goals of ending homelessness. It is also FREE so join today! ​


Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by homelessness. If you are interested in helping end homelessness in our region, consider becoming a member of the Continuum of Care. Just download and email the Membership Agreement 


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